Friday, June 04, 2004


Greek and Hebrew: so be it

After some thinking, I've decided to change my study plan. So I will likely enter the following exams:
  • New Testament Greek
  • Introductory Biblical Hebrew
  • Church History to 461 CE
  • Christian Doctrine
  • New Testament with Greek Texts
  • Advanced Biblical Hebrew
  • Johannine Writings in Greek
(it would be very strange not to include any Johannine writings in the degree I think)

Constraints: Introductory Biblical Hebrew can be offered for the last time in 2005, so now is the time; the same goes for Advanced Biblical Hebrews, likely to be present in 2006 for the last time. New Testament with Greek Texts requires New Testament Greek, so they must be offered in two different years.

I should ideally offer the first 4 (!) next year.

This leaves out important courses that I would have liked to take. For example:
  • Romans in Greek
  • Christian Ethics
  • Liturgical Studies
but I prefer to spend more time in biblical studies at this stage. There will always be the possibility to register for "Supplementary subjects" once I get the degree.

Great choices, Davide. Good to see your blog. Keep it up!
What a shame they are stopping teaching Hebrew and Greek. I wonder why? Even at the College, which is where I have contact with theology by distance, we are looking at how to add some language component to what is offered by distance...

Actually I can guess some reasons. Chief among them is numbers, the numbers in langauge classes (onsite at the University) have dropped over the years to uneconomic levels. Although there are some signs of a revival of interest...
Tim, yesterday I got a reply from the University. They are going to cease "Introductory Biblical Hebrew" in 2005, and replace it with "Foundation of Biblical Hebrew", which is supposed to be the same course, just with different set texts. So, Hebrew will still be offered (and Greek as well, albeit confined to NT Greek).
I simply think it is appalling that the University of London should drop the language requirements in such a manner. IMO, Greek and Hebrew are to Biblical Studies what Anatomy is to Medicine. Would you trust a doctor who has never studied Anatomy? ;-)
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